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e-Learning Producer

Chisato Furuya

C. Furuya’s many strengths include the early foresight to understand the importance of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and the overall digitization of language education. She has valuable experience and ideas on content creation.

C. Furuya has relationships with professionals in a wide variety of areas, including education, technology, copyright and licensing, industry and business, and local and national governments.


  • Certificate of Appreciation, Director of Internet Committee of the organizing committee of the 12th World Congress of International Association of Applied Linguistics, Organizing Committee for AILA`99, 2000
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Publicity Chair of JALT, Niigata Chapter, The Japan Association of Language Teachers, 1988
  • The fifth ESSO academic prize for female researchers, Basic Studies on Structural Problem Analysis in English Education in Japan, 1986
  • JACET Prize, as one of the project members, Research project of Basic Vocabulary for College English, Japan Association of College English Teachers, 1984

Career History

e-learning Producer
Chair of the Write-for-you Team

Consulting English education using computer network.

Designing an English language education system in schools, colleges and companies.. Writing digital contents for English learning materials.

Lecturer of English, Waseda University
Media English
Waseda University, School of Commerce

April 2005 – March 2015

The course of ‘Media English’ is designed for college students to acquire three areas of knowledge and skills. They are (1) Knowledge of Global Warning, (2) English language skills, (3) IT skills for their presentations orally and globally. Students are trained to publish what they have studied about environmental problems at their own web page. They are also trained to give an oral presentation in class. 

Chief Consultant of e-Learning
Strategic Distribution Institute Inc.

April 2002 – April 2007

Strategic Distribution Institute Inc. founded in April 2002 is an experienced business producer group of distribution, business development, product development, human resources development, urban development, etc. Chisato Furuya is responsible for the educational content creation and its service development in inside-and outside-schools, universities, and industries.

Visiting Researcher
Mobile Language Learning System
Aoyama Gakuin University Media Lab, Tokyo

April 2002-Mar.2005

Chisato Furuya started a new study project on the mobile language learning using cellular phones with Internet capabilities in 2002 Through the experiments and research, a shift in when and where students study was observed, with a preference indicated for learning on the move.

For additional information about the project, visit

Visiting Researcher/Project Leader
Cyber ESP Educational System
Aoyama Gakuin University Media Lab, Tokyo

April 2001-Mar.2004

Ms. Furuya was responsible for organizing and managing the Cyber ESP educational project, one of the 25 AML II projects. The four-year project is a distance education program.

The intent of the project is to digitize university education in collaboration with vendors. Through curriculum design and use of technological applications, the project team’s tasks were to create digital self-learning programs, and to implement online/offline instruction.

For additional information about the project, visit

Director of Educational Content Development
planetLingo, Inc. Pasadena, CA, USA

May 2000 – Feb. 2001

Analyzed needs of Japanese business personnel using English in cross-cultural settings, proposed models of scenes and language for 3-D content creation, and designed course curriculum. Gave presentations to investors, company in-service managers, and IT business groups in Japan.

Professor of English
Nagaoka University of Technology

Sept. 1984 – Mar. 2000

Chief Professor of English at Language Center of Nagaoka University of Technology (national university and graduate school). Employed as Associate Professor in 1984 and promoted to full professor in 1994. Special areas were CALL (computer-assisted language learning), ESP (English for specific purposes), and Digitization of a Society.

International Conference Officer
Science Council of Japan

1998 – 2000

Proposed, organized the Internet committee, introduced Internet services to the conference committee, and facilitated the communication platform among 3000 participants in the world.

In 1999, served as director of one of the nine subsidiary organizing committees of the 12th World Congress of International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) hosted by the Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET) and the Science Council of Japan.

Visiting Researcher
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Oct. – Dec. 1999

Supervised by Professor John Swales, Director of English language Institute, ESP specialist. Sponsored by Ministry of Education Japan.

Visiting researcher
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne U.K.

Aug. – Oct. 1990

Supervised by Professor Scott Winddeatt, author of CALL, OUP, 1989. Sponsored by Ministry of Education Japan.

Advisor to National Project of Oral Communication

1986 – 1990

Four-year project on a new English subject, Oral Communication, hosted by the Ministry of Education. Designed the project, and published a manual of how to teach Oral Communication at national technical colleges.

Freelance Designer of English Learning Materials

1972 – 1984

Authored and edited English reading series. Eleven of the books have been sold well for over forty years. Some of the articles were adapted to high school English textbooks authorized by the Ministry of Education.


December 1991

Project Cycle Management (3) FASID: Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development

July 1991

Project Cycle Management (2) FASID: Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development

September 1989

In-service Course of Computer-Assisted Language Learning for Experienced Teachers, University of Lancaster, Institute of English Language Education, U.K.

August 1987

Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Bell College, Saffron Walden, U.K.

August 1986

TESOL Summer Institute Special Program, University of Hawaii, U.S.A.

July 1984

British Council Summer School on English for Specific Purposes, Birmingham, U.K.

August 1983

17th Summer Institute for College English Teaching in Japan, JACET

August 1981

Materials & Methods for Language Teaching, Center for Applied Linguistics, University of Reading, U.K.



Tokyo Gakugei University Graduate School, 1973

PhD Candidate

Information Management Science,

Graduate School of Information Systems,

University of Electro-Communications,

1999 – 2006

Professional Achievements

CALL: Computer-Assisted Language Learning

  • Set up the first CALL network on campus in 1985, and continues to be active in promoting Internet applications for English language education.
  • As a pioneer in this area, applied all kinds of Internet services to teaching, and propagated use of CALL in Japan.
  • CALL has a world-wide professional network.

ESP: English for Specific Purposes

  • First Japanese course-taker of ESP in Birmingham in 1984, and introduced the ESP academic concept to JACET (Japan Association of English Teachers).
  • Organized the first research group of ESP at JACET in 1996; managed the website and the mailing list.
  • Developed curricula for engineering studies based on ESP approach in collaboration with engineering faculty members at Nagaoka University.
  • Performed 10-year needs analysis research of Japanese engineers working in cross-cultural settings by courtesy of Canon, NEC, Nippon Seiki, Nissan, Pioneer, TDK, SONY etc. The article, Assessing the Needs of Japanese Engineers Abroad was published on TESOL Matters 8.5 in 1998.
  • Organized and managed Cyber-ESP educational system, which proposes a grand design of an English education system integrating CALL and ESP into a distance education program.
  • ESP has a world-wide professional network.

Information Management Science (IMS)

  • Served as Director, Internet Committee, Organizing Committee for AILA`99. 1994-2000.
  • Served as Vice-Chair of the digitizing committee at JACET. Proposed and introduced the Internet services to the academic organization, 1994-2000.
  • Gave a series of lectures on Virtual Community at the graduate school of Nagaoka University Technology, 1995-2000.
  • Invited member of the Mailing List of the Patricia Seybold Group.

English Learning Material Writing

  • Authored, edited, and advised on junior and senior high school English textbooks. (Crown series, Total Crown series, Sanseido). Wrote Teacher’s manual, articles for learners, etc. Co-authored English-Japanese dictionary.
  • Published seven books of English episodes, Kenneth’s Speed Readings, co-authored with Kenneth Y. Sagawa. [More than 125,000 copies have been printed over 20 years.] Some of the episodes are adapted to high school textbooks, and Juku course books.
  • The writer’s team of Chisato Furuya and Kenneth Y. Sagawa published best sellers of English books, including Mother Teresa (46th prints in 2001, Kirihara-shoten), Cultural Differences (34th prints in 2001, Kirihara-shoten), and Sura, sura, Speed Reading Skills, (Sogensha), Long Live Animals coauthored with Geremy Angel, (37th prints in 2001, Kirihara-shoten). All of the books have sold well over the past twenty-five years.
  • Chisato and Kenneth changed conventional English textbook creation by re-writing excerpted passages from the classics to create passages based on current topics.
  • Offers a free Web-based course of English E-mail Writing ( since 1989. The site is popular, and referred in many books and journals.

Available upon request:

  • Academic papers, reports, books, journals, newspaper articles, and translations written by C. Furuya
  • Lectures and presentations for conferences or meetings
  • Newspaper and journal articles reporting on C. Furuya’s academic and educational activities

Social Activities

  • Executive board member, NPO:Japan Forum for Work Integrated Learning, (WIL) 2003-Present
  • Advisor, Super English High School Project, Chuo Prefectural HS in Gunma, 2003-2005
  • Vice-Chair, roundtable for promoting Work Plan 21, Gunma prefectural government, 2001-2002
  • Member, roundtable for creation of employment by developing new business, Gunma prefectural government, 2000-2001
  • Vice-Chair, roundtable for the new master plan of new labor, Labor Relations Division, Gunma prefectural government, 2000-2001
  • Chair, The Internet Committee for the organizing committee of the 12th World Congress of International Association of Applied Linguistics, 1994-2000
  • Vice-Chair, JACET digitizing committee, 1994-2000
  • Member, the selection committee for the best revitalization project of local communities in Niigata, 1998-2000
  • Member, the selection committee for the Japan Scholarship Association, 1997
  • Member, the selection committee for ESL native speaker teachers, Ministry of Education, 1992-1994
  • Member, roundtable for Next Generation Management, hosted by METI Kanto (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry), 1991-1993
  • Member, roundtable for propelling the development of higher education in Niigata, 1989
  • Researcher, Honda Foundation, 1985-1987

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